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Generation earth

POP UP | Compostable Sponges | 18pcs

POP UP | Compostable Sponges | 18pcs

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Generation earth
Generation earth

  • 💚 OUR ECO PROMISE: We are certain that you will love our products. We also promise that the products' eco-credentials are as great as we say they are. There's no greenwashing here! We will happily refund you if you are not completely in love with your purchase or you find that our eco-credentials are false (which you won't!)

  • 😇 PLASTIC-FREE & FULLY COMPOSTABLE: We are a business based in the UK, with a strong ‘eco-conscience'. Therefore we were keen to create not only a fully compostable sponge - but its packaging is too! You can pop the sponges in the washing machine or dishwasher to freshen them up - but when you are finished with them, just throw them in your compost bin with the Corn Starch bag to give back to the environment

  • 🧽 TOUGH & NON-SCRATCH MULTI-USE SPONGES: Our sponges are specially created from natural cellulose. They are designed to be non-scratch and have a tough and textured ‘feel’. This enables enhanced cleaning when compared to traditional kitchen sponges. Many of our customers report that our sponges work better than traditional sponges.

  • 🌱 You may notice that these sponges are thinner than other sponges. This helps you clean those tougher to get to areas (like bottom of glasses) as well as meaning there is less chance of bacteria building up on the sponges, keeping your sponges fresher for longer!

  • 🌍 SUSTAINABLE & SPACE-SAVING MAGIC SPONGES: Our biodegradable sponges arrive compressed to up to 90% their original size - this saves space in your store cupboards and reduces carbon emissions in delivery. Simply add the sponge to water to watch the magic happen!
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