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Generation earth, where our vision for a plastic-free future is brought to life by our eco-champions, Leafy Luna and Reggie Recycle. Our founder, Ed, sparked the creation of Generation earth to find alternatives to plastic, nurturing a line of products that tread lightly on our planet.

Leafy Luna & Reggie Recycle: Guardians of Generation earth

In the heart of an enchanted forest, Leafy Luna was born with the power to make greenery thrive. Her gift is reflected in our Mycelium Spores, a potent organic fertiliser that hastens the return of our biodegradable products to the earth. Each pop-up sponge and biodegradable bag is able to be transformed waste into compost with ease.

From the urban sprawl emerged Reggie Recycle, with a vision to give waste a new life. His journey from city streets to a recycling wizard showcases our commitment to innovation and mirrors our carbon offsetting initiative through ClimatePartner. Together, they stand as symbols of our dedication to the circular economy and sustainable living.

Join Our Movement

By aligning with Generation earth, you're not just choosing eco-friendly products; you're joining a story of transformation led by Luna's nurturing touch and Reggie's resourceful mindset. Our selection of biodegradable bags, pop-up sponges, and Mycelium Spores are testimonies to a future where green choices are the norm, and plastic is a notion of the past.

We're on a mission to empower you to be a part of this green revolution. With every product, you're supporting a movement towards a cleaner, greener, and more responsible world. Stand with us, with Leafy Luna and Reggie Recycle, as we pave the way for a sustainable legacy.

A healthier planet for future generations.

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