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Anonymous Mask

Anonymous Mask

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EAN: 7422630341354

Amazon ASIN: B091BC11SV

  • Item Package Height:  5.00cm
  • Item Package Length: 11.50cm
  • Item Package Width:   21.60cm

  • EXTRA COMFORTABLE: This hacker mask set is designed to be extra comfortable. The forehead is padded with a comfortable cushion to make wearing your spy mask more enjoyable, while it also features an adjustable head strap, so you can make sure that it fits your noggin perfectly.

  • QUALITY PAINT: These Halloween masks are made with high-quality paint on the front, meaning that the design will last longer and allow you to use each mask for costumes in the future. It also makes the Anonymous design stand out more vividly, making your fancy dress feel more defined.

  • 3 COLOURS: In this set, you'll find your V for Vendetta Mask black, gold, and white, perfect for staying fresh between events or for group outfits. Whether going as the Money Heist gang, the or Project Zorgo from Spy Ninjas, or a standard hacker syndicate, the different colours will keep each costume feeling unique.

  • FITS MOST HEADS: We design these masks to fit most heads, whether as part of a carnival outfit for adults or as a Tik Tok mask kids can enjoy. A spy mask like this should be the kind of thing everyone can enjoy, which is why we make it comfortable and adjustable enough for heads of all sizes. Each Mask measures 19 cm by 17 cm.

  • AS SEEN ON...: The Anonymous mask is an icon, with appearances in various forms of media. It can be used to complete a Money Heist costume, to go as V from V for Vendetta, as Project Zorgo from Spy Ninjas mask as seen on YouTube, amongst characters from many other films, TV shows, comics, and more!

  • SCARY MASK! Prank friends

  • Fastening: Adjustable
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